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Generally you should attempt to place your order 2 days in advance. If it's last minute, we'll do our best to fit your order in one way or another.
Average processing time for your tour is between 3 to 4 business days, although we are working to shorten this time to just 48 hours. Depending on the size of your tour, the processing time may be shorter or longer than average.
Typically, we allow 12 months for each project, however, there is no exact "expiration date". Your Virtual Tour will stay active as long as you need, however, once the property has sold, we may remove the Virtual Tour to accommodate other clients.
Yes. You can upload the Virtual Tour link as well as your still photos to the MLS or any other listing service. Should you need assistance, we have licensed professional Realtors in-house as well, with access to the MLS, and can assist you with the MLS if an issue arises.
We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Check or Cash. Payment is due prior to the time of the photoshoot. Special payment arrangements may be available under select circumstances. On occasion, we may require a 50% upfront deposit to reserve a photoshoot for future dates. We also require a 50% upfront deposit for discount offers & sales promotions.(Note: when paying by check, we may delay the photoshoot a few days to allow funds to clear the bank)
A Virtual Tour is a 360° simulation of an existing location, usually composed of a sequence of videos or still images. It may also include other multimedia elements such as sound effects, music, narration, and text.
The copyright is owned by Creative Design Studios, the parent company to 360ToursNow. You have the right to use the tour for marketing purposes, but you are not authorized to sell nor resell any photos or virtual scenes.
No. The fewer people the better, as often times, photos need to be retaken, due to people and/or shadows of people, and undesirable motion compromising the photoshoot. In the case you are unable to be there personally, you must provide us with access to the property and let us know in advance which rooms / views you do, or do NOT want photographed. (For example: 360 scenes of the pool, master bedroom; still photos of the front, pool, living room, etc.) We have professional licensed Realtors in-house, and can usually get access to properties without issue.
If a customer requests an appointment, and it's determined the customer location is not ready or accessible to take photos, the customer is subject to a "Non-Availability Charge" of $75 - if we can't take the photos. However, if we are able to wait for the property to become available, we bill the waiting time on an hourly basis of $50/hour.
It usually takes between 60-90 minutes for a photographer to take photos of the property & shoot a Virtual Tour of 4 scenes, provided the property is ready to go at the scheduled appointment time. It is recommended to allow up to 2 hours, for unforeseen issues.
We ask that you please be sure to check that all light fixtures work and are easily turned on. All fans should be cleaned prior to shooting, and be able to be shut off when the lights are on. There should be no moving objects when the 360 Virtual Tour is being shot. Staging is also extremely important; particularly for rental properties. We recommend having towels ready in bathrooms, place settings on main dining tables, etc. Please take the time to consider any particular features you would like to showcase as well.
Please visit the Pricing page on www.360ToursNow.com and fill out the order form, or call us at 239-281-9069. We will set up an appointment with you for your photoshoot.

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